guys,my computer will not let me use more than one USB device simultaneously.When i plug in one device when another is already connected it gives me an error message "device not recognised".
any help will be thoroughly appreciated.

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  1. Can you please specify your computer configuration and the one usb device you are using before attaching the other one. This problem occurs when you are using USB hard disk.
  2. How many USB ports do you have? Are they all in the back, or are some in the front of the computer? Are they USB 1.1 or 2.0?

    Also, what kind of USB devices are we talking about here? USB flash drives? USB mass storage devices? iPhone with sync data cable? USB wireless adapter? USB Hot Coffee warmer?

    It might be a driver issue, or maybe an IRQ issue, or even a drive letter issue with Windows (Computer Management).
  3. folks.ther are 2 ports in the front and 4 in the back.the problem sorted out on its own last nyt..shyt happened only when i connected the external hdd to the front port as it wudnt recognise any other device thereafter..yesterday i connected a pen drive and my sony ericsson to the 2 front ports and both workd fine together.then i jacked up the 1TB xternal HDD to the back port and surprisingly it got detected too..for our own GK wud love to kno why such a variance occured..thanks for your responses mates..
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