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Hello, I recently paid $80 for Bit Defender Total Security 2011 antivirus protection, and go figure within a few days I have a virus. Not an easy one to clean either, impossible to erase it seems. Don't know what it is called but I can tell you it can clone from one hard drive to another. It has killed my $300 OCZ SSD HD. I would appreciate some advice if possible. Here is what I have tried so far:

Bit Defender, Kaspersky and Avira rescue cd's
Wipe Drive
Manually deleting
System Restore
Win 7 recovery disk

Nothing works...
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  1. I know I will definitly never use Bit Defender again. I am now using Microsoft Security Essentials. I love how the supposed top rated anti virus let me get a virus in a few days. Seems to have been a bios virus as removing the cmos battery and flashing the bios seems to have removed it. I can not find any traces of it anymore. Time will tell. I just hope my HD isn't affected now.
  2. If formating didnt work, its a bios virus, you need to reset the bios... and depending on each motherboard it goes diffrently.
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