nForce 780i Netowrking broken?

Ok, new nforce780i board. Asus P5N-T.

Have had a number of issues, have reinstalled windows like 8-9 times trying to get the RAID controller to see an array over 2TB. Not happening. So, I give up and goto sleep.

In the morning, Vista has decided to goto sleep as it likes to do after a reinstall. (very annoying).

Hit the spacebar and the computer comes out of sleep.

The networking wasnt working. "Local only". Tried assigning an IP manually. No luck. Checked other computers to make sure they were working. Yup, they are all ok. Its just this PC.

To cut a long story short, I have now REINSTALLED WINDOWS AGAIN. AND IT STILL WON'T WORK!!!!

I have tried:

Microsoft drivers.
Nvidia drivers. (v9.46)
Disabling all offload features on the card.
Manually setting the card to 100mbit rather than gigabit.

It seems that going to sleep once had completely and permanently broken the network card.

As the system is Tri-SLI, I have no slots to add in a 3rd party NIC that might actually work, so I'm just screwed.

Any ideas? Please?!
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  1. Fixed it.

    Turning off the computer doesn't turn off (and therefore, doesnt reset) the network card. It keeps it powered for Wake On Lan

    Even though I had done a Windows Reinstall, it hadn't ever cut power to the card.

    Pulling the plug at the wall, then plugging it back in and rebooting the computer, fixed the issue.
  2. Man!, how could't I think of that. same thing happened to me (win vista slept and when it was back network was gone) , I tried restoring windows to earlier points, tried everything with the router etc. but never thought of unplugging the power cord to kill the network adapter completely, I assumed when I shutdown, network adp. shuts down as well, but its not the case.
    thanks for reminding me such an obvious solution...
  3. Maybe these nvidia boards are just flaky. I was having an issue where my internet connection would drop, come back on, sometimes refuse to work, reset the card and it'd work, then quit, reload drivers, same deal. Finally got fed up and got a cheapo 10/100 pci NIC card, disabled the onboard NIC, put the new one in, not ONE problem so far. So we'll see. Other than that, great board so far though.
  4. Same issue with a Striker Extreme (need to cycle power after sleep). This is not an acceptable situation for me, any new solutions?
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