8800 GTX (continued)

at this moment, there are 2 issues i feel are left to stop me from grabbing a GTX baby right now ( well 3 if you add the freakin price aswell). the 2 problems are as follows;

1. could this baby fit into my computer case? (current graphics- 1600pro ati; 6.5inchs i think)

i heard that the 8800gtx is 10.5inchs long, wtf that's mad. correct me if im wrong.

clearly youll probably ask me about the case size and i dont know how to find out the size as im a noob so that never helps. if you do need it then tell me how i can find out my case size.

2. im also aware it should be a PCI-e slot NOT just PCI. i know confidently i have a PCI slot but just not sure if its PCI or PCI-e? is there a software that can tell me what type of slot i have?

i previously learnt from my earlier thread that a 600+ watts is recommended (500W minimum) to run it.

ok thats all for now. please solve my two issues above.

thank you
and will be hearing shortly
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  1. google pci-e and you will find an image. look to see if your mobo has one. as for the length yes its 10.5in. to see if it would fit. look at where the pci-e slot is and measure.
  2. 1) Measure your case
    2) PCI-E is a very long slot and if you Google your motherboard model it will tell you
    3) 500w should run it, as long as your not running tremendously overclocked.

    However if you get errors or restarts or lockups then your PSU might not be up to it.
  3. Post your case type and mobo specs. That way we can give an educated guess. For finding out if you have PCI-e look at the properties in control panel>display>settings>advanced>adapter>properties There it should say AGP or PCI.


    There you will find a list of cases big enough to fit the GTX.

  4. ok thank you
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