I REALLY need a little help with my tv-card, by AverMedia, please :)

Hey folks. :hello: I really hope somebody might can help me here.
My problem is quite simple I think really.

Basically, everything is working just fine with my tv tuner card and the AverMedia software...
with ONE exception...

The settings page within the software allows me to change the default
"Save Folder" for the location of whatever tv I choose to record. I've changed this to point to
my "D" drive, where I have multiple terabytes of empty space. (Unlike my "C" drive, which is a
Solid State drive, and has very little room left.)

However, even after restarting the application, and double checking that indeed the settings
page show that indeed it IS pointing to the new folder on my 'D' drive, it STILL CONSTANTLY
records tv shows into the originally set folder, located on my 'C' drive, @ "C:\Users\Mike McKirahan\Videos"

Does anyone have any experience with this software by chance, or have any ideas as to what I
can do to fix this problem? Any and all ideas are VERY WELCOME. :) Thanks folks!!!

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  1. Well, it would seem I've already identified and rectified the problem. I simply dove into RegEdit, found the string pointing to the default save-path, and changed it to point to my other drive's location folder. It apparently a bug within the software. And to be honest, I would consider it to be a rather large bug that should have been found before now. Something so basic as changing the default save folder's path should have been knocked out early on in my opinion. Oh well. Thanks folks. :)
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