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i was planning on the full tower thermaltake va8003bws for my new rig. it has 2x8cm and 2x12cm fans, plus the huge 25cm fan on the side. tt is a great company, with great products.

unfortunately i plan on buying a thermalright ultra 120 extreme as well, which is quite large. after research i found i might have to remove side fan in order to fit it. poop.

so now ive found the xclio windtunnel case. it doesnt have a great manual, which sucks cause this is gonna be my first build, but it is wider. it has 2 25cm fans on the side, and you can put in a 12cm fan on the rear to help with exhaust/air flow.

so which should i get, or do you have other suggestions? I want great airflow and lots of space for the ultra 120 extreme and future 8800 gtx. I only have 1 internal hdd, maybe 2 max, and 1 or 2 internal opticals, so drive details dont matter much. just want great cooling and room for the other stuff.

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  1. I havent used either of them, but was looking at the XClio myself. From what I've read, the fans are pretty quiet, and the case is well vented, should be great for overclocking. Its got a width of about 9.6 inches (240 mm), and depth of around 22.5 inches (560mm), so my first guess would be that the GTX should fit just fine, and it looks like you should have clearance for the 120, I believe that's around 180mm.
  2. ive just been thinking a few things though. the cpu on the mb looks like it would be above those fans, and i bet the measure width at the base, so i think the 120 would be just as or more tight. i also realized i shouldnt base my case purchase around a heatsink. the tt is huge, and i just read plenty of reviews on its excellent quality. i havent heard anything like that about the xclio. yes, the xclio has 2x25cm fans, but the tt has many more fans, with potential for even more. you can have the 25cm on the side, several 12cms on the front, 9.2cm on top, 12cm on rear, and 8cm on rear. thats a hell of a lot of fans. and i know its great quality.

    so if it turns out i cant fit in a 120, i go with something else that cant oc as much. i realized i dont need THE best hsf, just what works the best for me.

    why does thermalright make a hsf that is so hard to fit in cases?
  3. Yeah, I'm in the process of an upgrad, and looked seriously at that cooler, but it's just huge. I'm looking at the Zalman 9700 also, smaller, but it does a great job, and has gotten great reviews. Good point on the TT, with all the fans. What about something like the Antec 900? or the XClio A380Plus?
  4. i'd go for the TT, it had 2inch + clearance on my 9700AT, that should be enough for the TRUE120
  5. Just go for the TT Armor that doesn't have the side panel fan.
  6. but the fan.... i so big... and cool...

    i thought about that, but cant you get rid of it? do you know if they give you something to replace it with? you could just turn it off for the dust issue, and if the width/size is a problem i guess itd have to be replaced.
  7. with p180, the ultra 120 X has 5mm clearance... the ultra 120 x itself is 16cm height, but once installed, it will take about 20cm...
  8. i guess the main thing is whether the 25cm fan on the side makes a difference. im wondering about air flow. i read that its good to have a bit mroe suction/exhaust than blowing/intake. that way the hot air is sucked out and not just blown about, a vacuum is created. im thinking with 2x25cm intakes and 1 12cm exhaust on the xclio that would not work right. too much blowing.

    the tt's have much better fan options, so the exhaust can be better. but is the 25cm fan gonna make a difference? you'd think so, but maybe it'd throw the "current" off. the air is moving front to back, that fan moves it side to side.

    i dunno.

  9. on the armour, if it doesn't fit you can take the fan off and just have a big mesh grill, which could help sig..
  10. yeah i think for now the tt armor va8003bws is my choice. its huge, its good quality, and even if i have to remove or mod it, that fan is badass.

  11. I'm using the TT Armor and had some of the issues you pointed out. I tried the thermalright 120 but it would not clear the side fan.....when you take the side fan off, you can use silver tape to secure the grill to the side panel and its not too bad. I eventually decided that the side fan really helps with the cooling of my video cards so I opted for scythe ninja rev B instead and it fits perfectly. That system is running an e6700, 2 gigs of corsair 8500 and two 7900 gt's in SLI on a BFG 680i. With an ambient temp of about 25C my processor and board temps stay in the low to mid 30's at normal and low 40's under load. I bought the optional second hdd front rack with a 12cm fan so I have 2 fans in the front, 1 12cm fan in rear, 1 12cm fan on the ninja and the 2 92mm fans thatTT installed (1 on top of the case and 1 that sits next to the PSU) plus the huge side fan. I love this case, it was worth every dime.
  12. thats awesome, thanks for that. i dont need the best overclcocking. the p5k deluxe will pick up some slack. ill do the best i can with that case.

    now im just wondering when i should buy a hsf. my purchase is as follows:

    asus p5k deluxe
    gskill ddr2 800 sgb
    tt va8003bws
    dvd burner

    should i go ahaead and get the hsf at the same time? dont you have to take the mb out again if you were to install it later? i wont be overclcoking yet because my power supply is only 550 and the 12v is low, but maybe i should get the hsf in there.
  13. when i bought my TT armor with 25cm fan i got a normal case door with it also :b
  14. Go ahead and order your hsf with this stuff. Most aftermarket coolers will require you to remove your mobo and install a backplate, so you might as well do it all at once. Plus, you won't have to take 5 minutes to remove old thermal paste.
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