HD format problem.

Could use some help...
Put together a new sys and have a 500gb Spinpoint. I think I made a mistake when formatting the HD. Only formatted 10gb. The rest of the hard drive is not showing.
Q: Do I have to go back and re-format the entire HD or is there an easier way to format the remaining space?

Any and all help is appreciated.
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  1. Thanks for the reply and suggestion.
    My computer is not recognizing the second volume that is not formatted. Looks like I have to re-do the entire HD.
  2. repartition into full size

    10 gigs arent too much to back up, it woudl take 3 dvd-rs or find a spare hdd
  3. How did you format? Did you partition? How are you checking the drive?

  4. Solved the problem. Went into computer manager and was able to see the entire drive, formated and unformated. Now formatting the remaining 400+gb and putting it into its own partition. Didn't realize how long formatting 400+gb's would take...LONG.

    Thanks to all for your assistance.
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