Windows Vista with DX9 GPU Problem

I've recently upgrated my Windows from XP to Vista Ultimate.
Since then I played several DX9 games without any problems.
However, when I tried to play Lost Planet Demo DX9 it keeps crashing before it starts and appears the message LostPlanet DX9.exe has stop working. So i wonder if the new DX10 games won't be playable in Windows Vista with DX9 Graphics card. I already installed the latest nvidia drivers. Any helpfull ideas very appreciated.

My Rig
AMD 4400
nforce 4 chipset
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  1. Folks i've found the solution to this problem.
    I lowered the resolution from 1280x960 to 1024x768 and it worked properly. Maybe the 256MB of vram are not enough for higher resolutions in Lost planet.
  2. Get yourself another 1GB of ram if you can, that will help alot. Vista handles ram differently. I run Home Premium and had 2GB, got an extra gig when I saw that Vista is using 1022mb of system ram for video graghics (that amount includes the 256mb of your card's). So that means your system will have 768mb less ram to work with (excluding graphics). Going to 3GB your video ram total would stay the same (1022mb) but your system will run more efficently and quicker overall, especially if running SLI.
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