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hi there,i want to record on my pc when im playin games,i use fraps but it will only record in short 60 sec intervals,i tried xfire but the audio is not in sync, what software can i use to join the videos together to become one and also add music over the top,i appreciate any help,thanks
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  1. I don't think here is something better than FRAPS,Which version do you use? I use registered v3.4.0..I can't understand recording 60 sec intervals,I can record gameplay without any break as long as I want.
    sorry for my english.
  2. Ohh,I understand,You have not bought fraps yet and you are using the free version ,it is so limited.You can check out this link which I get from yahoo answer,it is also trial but game recording unlimited.

    But if you pay something on Fraps will be the best,nothing is better than it.
  3. I think I heard something about steam having a video recorder. or was in the process of making one.
  4. You can try Xfire. It can also do it. Also it comes with a lot of other extra features along with it. But FRAPS is very good and a no nonsense software.
  5. For this Fraps is the best, but you may try other capture software like hypercam or something..
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