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I never used the safely remove hardware before and never had a problem. Yesterday I thought about it and tried it. Now when i plug my camera flash card in, or USB, it doesn't read and i can't open up any of my pictures or documents! the only thing showing when i open my computer is the DVD F drive. How can i view my pictures or get all the drivers back?
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  1. Connect your USB device to the USB port.
    Open your Device Manager.
    Look of any indication of a badly installed device.
  2. so i got my USB to work, thank you, but it still can't find my xD picture card...any advice??
  3. 1. What is its make/model of your flash card?

    2. What is the make/model of your flash card reader?
  4. i have FOUND the answer! Everything is back to normal...After calling all the experts, joining this site, i hope this answer works for everyone.

    All i had to do was turn off my computer, unplug it for a short time, i waited like a minute, and plugged it in and turned it everything is the way it was.

    Thank you for your advice klaatu, but now you'll know what to tell people when it happens to them.
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