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Awhile back there was a huge storm at my place, and the housephones got fried. When my dad went to go turn on the pc, it booted up like usual, but after it booted he got one of those windows update installing 3 of 3 and it just stayed there with no progression(always at 0% complete) no matter how long he left it on. He figured it got fried in the storm cause even though it was unplugged, he forgot to unhook the internet(we had dial-up back then). Well I just recently decided to open the case and try to clean it cause, if lightning did effect it, the whole thing isn't fried otherwise it wouldn't turn on and boot up, & it was never cleaned after he bought it(he's a heavy smoker and we live in a very old house that gets rediculously dusty). When I hooked it back up, I got a system repair popup. I clicked ok and let it do its thing. It shut off, so I waited a few seconds and turned it back on. It's still doing what it did when my dad tried it way back when, but now instead of freezing on the update screen it's in an endless loop of black screen, loading screen, update screen, and then black screen again. Was wondering if anyone might know what's up with it and if there was a way to fix it. I don't want my dad wasting money on a new pc if he can fix the old one for cheaper. Sorry for suck a long post, just didn't want to leave anything out just incase it was important.
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  1. can you enter safe mode?

    it almost sounds like a windows issue instead of a piece of hardware being blown out by the storm. if you can enter safe mode perhaps you can system restore to an earlier time. perhaps this update looping is due to a failed installation of a windows update

    if you can not enter safe mode, do you have a windows installation disk?
  2. Tried entering safe mode, but it just went back to the loop of windows update screen after it loaded. I have a Windows 7 starter edition for notebook pcs, but don't know if it'll work on desktops.
  3. Is the modem one that you can physically remove? If yes, try removing it and then booting the system. I had a modem fried by a storm several years ago.
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