Upgrading from ATI 9200SE and need advice

Yes you heard right an ATI 9200SE, it has been fine never had any major probs. HOWEVER i have a slight addiction to playing Oblivion. i can get it running on my card using the Oldblivion patch but i want full unaldulterated graphics so time for an upgrade. But it needs to be AGP....

the ones im thinking about are these ones. all are roughly in the same price range



XFX 7600GT 256MB

X1950GT Super AGP GDDR3 512MB 500/ 1200MHz

so what do you think folks?? i am leaning towards the XFX7600GT but i really have no idea, so all opinions welcome.....
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  1. if they are all in the same price range absolutely get the X1950GT it kills every one of those other cards in pretty much every scenario. It should do you well to buy the X1950GT over those others.
  2. x1950 will kill the rest, no question. plus, the x1950 can do hdr and aa in oblivion.
  3. 1950 is the best AGP card you can buy now.Just make sure your power supply is up to par.
  4. the 1950 is by far the best AGP available currently, are you thinking about doing a new system build soon if you are then I would settle on the
    XFX 7600GT 256MB.
  5. Make sure you get a graphics card with 512 MB on board ram because Oblivion's game engine will use 400MB wether you've got it or not. If you don't have 512MB on board ram you'll get shuttering even with my set-up.
  6. If money is tight then the 7600gt will do a fairly good job of it but as others have said if you can get a 1950.
    It gets a bit confusing with all the firms using different prefixes etc to describe cards but i think that in order of performance the 1950`s go gt-pro-xt-xtx.
    It has been said a thousand times but make sure you have a good psu if you do decide to get a 1950 as they draw a lot of power, the pro`s not as bad as the xt, not sure about the gt.
  7. 400 meg for a start wish i had known that before i got my new card was advised that at fairly low res i wouldnt need more than 256.
  8. All being about the same price, anything other than the X1950GT is a terrible buy, unless you have to buy a new PSU to handle the power requirements of it. 400-450W PSU with 30 amps on the +12V rail for the X1950GT. 18 amps for the rest.
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