My google chrome is not working application error

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  1. hi
  2. YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN DETAILS OF YOUR PROBLEM,THAT IS WHY YOU CAN'T GET REPLY,EVEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM BUT I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU AS I CAN IMAGINE YOUR PROBLEM:Try to REINSTALL Google Chrome..If you have done it but can't get rid of your problem then try to download Chrome offline(standalone) installer from the given link.Google does not officially provide Google Chrome Offline Installer,They provide a little file in which double clicking starts Google Chrome Data receiving in your hard-disk.But this way there is big chance of file corruption-I think your file may be corrupted so here is the 24 mb full download with no chance of file corruptions.

    Note: Disadvantages of standalone installer

    Auto update may not be work
    May vulnerable to attacks if a security flaw is found in chrome

    If the link does not work try to GooglING typing "Google Chrome 2011 Offline installer/standalone"(without quotes). thanks and sorry for my English.
  3. I would try the reinstall route,but uninstall it with revo uninstaller free edition!
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