8500gt or 7300gt? / 8600gt or 7600gt/gs??

my friend planning to buy a new pc and she is not gaming a lot with the pc. But think of the future, might be using window vista. so, it's advice to choose 8500gt or 7300gt? and if go for more expensive card, either choose 8600gt or 7600gs/gt ? thanks.
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  1. Vista would work better with the 8600GT and 4 GB of RAM.

    Wait for the July 22 price cuts on CPUs, if possible.
  2. 8500GT great for a Media center PC and can do 1-2 year old games good.

    8600GTS for both gaming and media.
  3. I'd go the 8600GT.
  4. If those are his only choices, go with the 8600GT. Otherwise, get an X1950Pro/GT or 7900GS, all of which dominate that price point.
  5. sorry for late reply..i just back from outstation. since she not gaming a lot and she only affort to buy a low cost pc, so i prefer those few cards for her. hmm..so it seem wise to choose 8600GT.. thanks guy.. :D
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