Evga 8800gts 320mb acs3 or keep my 7950gx2? Need Help

Hello guy's I'm a newbi. Just joined today. I have a 7950gx2 and I think it kicks a$$. Do you guy's think it's worth changing it for this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130040

I was reading reviews and benhies on it and it kicks a$$ as well.

Please let me know if it were to be a great move.
Also I'm getting a Q6600 with a P965 mobo. 8O

Thanks for the reply.
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  1. Not worth it IMHO.
    The gts will get a few more fps in many cases... however the THG benches say the 7950 IS better overall :?

    See how much u can sell ur card for. If u dont have to spend more than $30 on a gts it MAY be worth it.

    But id say just wait till the 89xx come out.
    a) they will push the price of the 88xx down
    b) 89xx will have a nice little fps increase over the 88xx
  2. If you're not getting the 8800GTX, you likely won't see enough of an improvement.
  3. It's not worth it, but ask again in January.
  4. Nice...,I'll wait for the next gen cards then. Seems as everybody is still waiting for them :roll:

    Thanks again guy's for the reply's
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