Avs video converter does not work anymore ("file corrupt.")

Hello, I'm Italian. Sorry for my English. For months I use AVS Video Converter and I have never had problems, but now I go to open it and gives me error "file corrupt". And I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing. I did a registry cleaner and I deleted all the keys (as explained in the official website) and reinstalled, but I always get the same error. I do not understand what happened, until now I always used to convert my videos, now (without installing anything on the pc) I get this problem. Who can help me? As I said, I've already deleted the registry keys, installed and reinstalled several times, but it did not. thanks
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  1. I resolved by updating divxplayer and Shockwave. The strange thing is that avs video editor worked the same even without updating. ?!? Better that way. Thanks anyway
  2. I am having a video with me , it's in 8MM reel of my Grand Father times , would like to Share that Video with my Family and friend but I am unable to , because of it's Compatible issue , can any would like to suggest me where can I convert
    convert 8mm to DVD????
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