My pc is some problem not installing ms office 2010

i nee dfree ms office but in vain from last 5 days i tried alot to install ms office any version but i cant do it plz help me
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  1. Microsoft Office is not free, if you want something free look into Open Office
  2. sorry,I can't fully get you,Umar? If you thinking to run MS Office 2010 in your PC you should have minimum Windows XP Service Pack 3,listen carefully so far I know it does not work in Windows xp sp2 or old versions,it only works in windows 7,vista and xp sp3..(I don't know about Mac)..And as jbakerlent says MS Office is not free and always "Say No to Piracy",if you really want to use that buy it.
  3. Hi,

    To install Microsoft Office 2010, you should have following requirements in your system: Operating system should be

    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7. Processor should be 500 MHz or

    higher, 256 MB or more RAM, 3.5 GB free space on hard disk, Higher resolution monitor.
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