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Hey everybody I was wondering if anyone could help me with my issue. I have a HP DV1000 and for some reason I am unable to connect to the internet, when my internet connection is perfect. I called my DSL providers and they took me to some steps, they said my IP Address is invaild as it starts with a 169, they said my problem was that my built in wireless card is broken an they told me to replace it. So I went to BestBuy and bought a Belkin Wireless Card and Im still having the same problem. My DSL connection is good as I have another two computers, both which are working good.

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  1. The problem is with Windows or router. I would start with going to the connection properties in Windows and ask windows to repair the connection.

    That seldom works, so next go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt and type IPCONFIG /? -- first try IPCONFIG /ALL which should display the router (called gateway) IP address. If this corresponds with the one you mention, use the option to renew or release the address.
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