How to find out what old files to delete

I have 12% space available on my hard drive. I have many old files, some 10 yrs old. But I don't what's a system file and needs to remain or should be deleted. HELP!!!!!!
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  1. use a program like CCleaner to delete all the old, harmless junk files that have built up over the years. However be aware that this will also delete all your cookies so if you have any websites that you automatically log on to without needing to sign in, after you run CCleaner you will be prompted to log back in to those websites, so you will need your user name and password to hand to log back in to those websites (if there are any).

    You might also have lots of deleted files in your 'recycle' bin that you can empty.

    I'm not sure how much space you need to create.
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