Which folder to i put htaccess in?

I am trying to create a redirect for my mail where I have multiple domains aliased to one domain on the exchange server...for example:

some of my employees type in : exchange.domain1.com/owa to get to their email....and some type in exchange.domain2.com/owa to get to their email.

I have purchased appropriate SSL Certs for domain1, so I was told by Network solutions to do a 301 Redirect for domain 2....I just don't know where I need to put this file on my server??

Please help!
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  1. Generally in the root folder.
  2. root folder of what? That is my confusion?...I read that on Google...but what root? C://?????
  3. Root of the web server file system.
  4. When people navigate to exchange.domain2.com/owa the web server will provide web files from a directory on that server. That is what PhilFrisbie is referring to. Nobody here can specifically tell you where that is as the configuration of the root directory for the web files can differ.
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