8800 GTS 640mb OC vs 7800GTX OC

Very tempted to take advantage of the current deal on BestBuy.com... I currently have a single GTX, just purchased a new Opty 170 and am deathly tempted to buy this 8800 GTS... Is this gonna be worth the cash @ $340?
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  1. Also, what's the deal with these impending price drops... Is there any way whatsoever that we could see the 640mb GTS drop all the way down to $300 within the next month? If so it might be unnecessary to buy now, but I'm just not sure... arggg!!
  2. idk i think those 8800's are some kickass graphics cards..
  3. http://www.tomshardware.com/2007/06/11/the_best_gaming_video_cards_for_the_money/index.html

    eVGA GeForce 8800 GTS Video Card $289.99

    not bad of a deal on tomshardware.com...
  4. When ATI comes out with there mid range cards We could see some price drops. Theres just no telling.
  5. I would deffinately go for the 8800GTS 640 as this card far outshines the 7800GTX.Add to that full DX10 support and you're good to go for a few more years.Goodluck.


    AMD X2 5600+ @ 2.8ghz(stock)
    2 GIGS DDR2 800 RAM
    ACER 22IN. LCD
    80GIG/250gig SATA2 HD's
    XP MCE
  6. I've seen that guide... How about standard 22" LCD resolutions of 1680x1050 or whatever it is? I keep going back and forth... the 640mb may be totally unnecessary for my CPU and screen, but on the other hand, it's only about $20 more than most 320mb cards...
  7. You know the 8800GTS 640mb card isn't to far behind the 8800GTX.
  8. Of course it's not very far behind the 8800GTX in performance.But it is quite a bit cheaper than the GTX,but is only moderately more expensive than the 320version.With 512mb of vram being the norm more and more these days,and with the high resolutions our monitors can get to,The 8800GTS 640 version is the best bang for your buck right now.You always have the option of buying a second one down the road to run SLI.

  9. You have a great older card and if it is working well in all the games and resolution you currently play at then it would be prudent to wait a little longer. It is nicely matched to your opty in reality as they are both about the same generational technology. There will be new offerings from Nvidia and ATI and the 8800GTX is sure to come down. Nobody knows what demands the unreleased DX10 will place on GPUs. (Although my guess is that they will ultimately be less demanding than expected for awhile so they can be marketed to the masses.) The 8800GTX would be my choice, at a minimum, and I say that because I have a 8800 GTS 640, 7900 GT, and 7900GS operating on 22" and 19" LCDs. The real world use difference is minimal at best and the GTS won't give you any bragging rights.
  10. DX10 is going to make everything easyer for everyone, I bet there not utilising all those 120 unified processers yet. I believe that it will get easyer for the graphics card down the road when they get all the patches fro DX10.
  11. I went from 2 7800GTX's in SLI to a single 8800GTX, there is no comparison, the 8800GTX noticeably increased the performance of my pc in every game I play. The 8800GTX performs better than the 8800GTS, but I would still say that it would be worth the buy.

    Compare the 2 cards in benchmarks here:
  12. Thanks for that link, Spikke... I've been looking for a chart like that. I'm currently overclocking my new Opty, so once I get to a good speed I'll probably see how it affects all my major games before making a decision on the card. Best bet would probably be to wait, as I don't really need the card all that much right now. I went ahead and purchased the card, but as it's on backorder I can cancel at any point over the next week or two.
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