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I have having a problem projecting the contents and video from my laptop to HDTV monitor. I use to watch netflix movies from the laptop through the HDTV now i get no signal.
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  1. This is basic I know, but have you tried toggling your video output on the laptop by using the Fn key and F5 (usually) key together? Also, is your TV set to the right input source?

    If yes to both of these questions, try a computer monitor on your external video port to see if a monitor will work and to verify output. If a monitor works ok, then the problem has to lay in the TV or cabling.

  2. I tried Fn 1-8 and it didn't work. I used to work fine but now it's not working. Not sure what you mean by my external video. the laptop used to prompt me to change the resolution , but now nothing. nada.
  3. Btw, I've watched movies and soccer matches projected from the laptop on to HDTV monitor before. For some reason, the computer is not picking the signal anymmore.
  4. Sometimes the driver for your video card can control output to TVs. Have you looked at all the settings in Display Properties?

    How do you connect your notebook to the HDTV? What type of cable?
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