Window partition on second hard drive is not accessible access denied

ok i have 2 hard drives, 1 of which is partitioned into my D drive and E drive. for an unknown reason when i turned my computer on today my D drive was not accesible to me, yet the E drive was. there is only a couple of files on my E drive and they all work fine, but i cannont access my D drive at all. i am the admin on my pc, i have set it so that i can access it and in disk management its shows up as healthy and active. any help would be greatfully recieved.

P.S. i am running vista home premium SP2
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  1. Try taking ownership of it (maybe permissions were corrupted).

    Right-click on the drive D: icon, select Properties, Security Tab, Advanced, Owner tab, and use the take ownership option
  2. ok i just tried that, but where it says current owner it says: "Unable to display current owner". but whn i click on the edit button, it shows me as the owner as well as the admin. also when you go to my computer, under my other drives it has how much GB i have free of how much i have total, e.g. 50 GB free out of 150 GB, but the D: drive does not. i dont know if that helps any, thanks for the help.
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    Hi James,

    Go to this site and follow the steps in Method #4 and then see if you can get into the drive. If no joy, then retry the take ownership steps now that UAC is turned off.

    Let me know how you make out.
  4. worked brilliantly!. thank you so much for the help digitalpropecter, i think i can start re-growing my hair, having pulled it all out.
  5. Glad we could find a solution james.

  6. digitalprospecter said:
    Glad we could find a solution james.


    Man, you`ve just saved my life!


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