EVGA MoBos, HELP! What is the difference here!!!!!

Can someone tell me the difference between these two models of EVGA MoBos. As far as I can see it seems there is a T1 Version and an A1 Version, but I am sure there is some difference, I just can't find it.


Board 1

EVGA 122-CK-NF68-T1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard


Board 2

EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard

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  1. The T1 is suppose to be a better board then the A1, less bugs.
  2. heres the answer:


    summarized, a1 > t1

    theres other stuff but lifetime warranty vs 2 yr warranty makes the price difference worth it

    i guess i should add they are exactly the same physically
    its just the goodies and warranty that differ
  3. Thanks!!! That hits the Mark!
    I think the interesting thing here is that since the T1 package is a bit lighter, so to speak, it cost less and people are buying it over the A1 package. As such, I have read reports that the T1 is coming with an updated Bios, or so some of the posts I have been reading speculate.

    Thanks again!
  4. Thanks, I believe that could be the case.

    Apparently the T1 is a bit cheaper and seems to be selling faster, or so some of my reading indicates, and as such some people are speculating that the T1 has an updated BOIS. This could be true, although I always thought that a company would indicate an updated BIOS by changing a serial number or something, anyway, this could lead to a less buggy board.

    Thanks !
  5. always glad to help :D

    i always assumed the cheaper price because of the warranty and the less amount of goodies. i always thought the a1 and t1 where always the same. when did you hear about the upgraded bios rumors?

    awhile ago, these mobos had problems with OCing quadcores, so purchasers could RMA them through evga directly. these boards were called TR and AR. the new revised versions were renamed to T1 and A1.
  6. After you pointed out the difference I was doing some extra reading, can't remember the site may have even been newegg. Also, one of the folks here on the forums has the board so I emailed him and asked his opinion of the board and he also provided me some insight. Here is a copy of the email

    "Had some initial difficulties with the memory. The board would not read my memory as 4-4-4-12 at 2.1 volts, as per the manufacturer's specs. It defaulted to 5-5-5-18 at 1.8 volts. I changed it manually, but from the very beginning I was having occasional random reboot issues. I flashed to the latest BIOS and everything was silky smooth for a while. A few months later, I went to turn my machine on and everything came on but the video signal, and there was no beep. I cleared the CMOS and tried the memory one stick at a time in the alternate memory slots (I read somewhere on EVGA's website about the memory slots being sensitive). Both sticks worked fine, so I left them in the alternate memory slots and everything's been peachy keen for a couple months now."

    He did go on to say though that it works nice for OCing and aside from the one issue he has been happy with the board thus far.
  7. Oh,

    Here are some positive comments he provided on the board as well.

    "It's completely unlinked so you can overclock anything you want to, FSB, voltage, memory, etc.

    It does SLI in true 16x instead of 8x and 8x for most other boards. And, it did this at less than half the cost of the Asus Striker Extreme.

    It will accept quad core processors. All of this makes for a very flexible and upgradeable board that should be excellent for the next three years which is what I typically shoot for.

    EVGA's tech support is second to none"
  8. The T1 is identical to the A1. The only difference is the lifetime warranty with the A1, and the A1 comes with a few extra cables, manual. But who will keep a motherboard a life time. The way technology changes after two years you will probably be upgrading anyways. I know I will be. I too am wait for July 22nd.

    Motherboard: EVGA T1
    CPU: E6600 L646G494 @ 3.7Ghz. 1:1 Ratio Linked & Synced Voltage 1.44 Load Temp 45c
    Idle Temp. 25c
    SPP:1.45volts, MCP: 1.50volts
    Memory: Mushkin PC2 8000 4-5-4-11, 2T Voltage 2.1
    Swiftech Water Cooling H20-220
    Video: One EVGA 8800GTS 320MB
    Power Supply: Silverstone 750W
    OS: XP Pro
  9. Same here, I usually do a complete overhaul every two years. I try to not have to buy a new case and such but everything else usually goes, PSU all the way to the Fans and Ram, sometimes I can get the HD to carry over, but it depends, not this time so the cost for the new build this year is killer!
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