Which CPU fan/heatsink? Slightly weird case

Hello, I'm planning to build a new system with This Case, This Board, and an E6750 Core 2 Duo when it comes out on the 22nd.

Please look at the case. You see the 120mm side fan and the thingie that comes into the case? Is this designed to supplant a CPU fan, or should I get another one also? Some people have reported problems with larger heatsinks not fitting, so they had to remove the cone thing.

Will I get a stock heatsink/fan/paste with the CPU? Most likely, right? (Been a while since I bought a processor.) In any case, I'd like to err on the side of caution and make sure everything is properly cooled. I won't be overclocking, but this apartment can get a bit warm.
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  1. If buying boxed cpu, which is most probably - yes, you'll also get an intel coller/HSF consisting of the clip-on "heatsink" with fan on it and with some thermal compound (in form of stripes) already on the base of the heatsink. All included in the price of the CPU. Enough people remove Intel's termal compound and apply a better one, but that means more expenses, more reading and a small bit of effort - depends on you.

    IMO, but that is only my opinion, you should not worry about the CPU cooler (since it is not hig and is not located under the AirDuct as far as I can see), but rather ask around about this case and its compatibility with your future VGA.

    IMO the Airduct/thingie/ will hower over your VGA, which is way hotter than your CPU. That should add to the cooling. However, with a big VGA these two may interfere (or not). That is the question to those who already have that case.

    If you'll use the stock HSF suplied with the CPU, I do not think you will need to remove anything from that case (case side fan is 140mm btw;) - but of course those who already have that case should reply here, as you requested.
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