Safely remove hardware not working

I am not able to see Canon SD1200 camera in the 'safely remove hardward' window, eventhough camera is connected to the computer, it's ON and I can see it in the windows explorer.
When I switch OFF the camera and disconnect it from the computer, I am experiencing following issue : The LCD viewfinder stopped displaying image in both shoot and play modes.
I'm suspecting that it's got to do with not being able to 'safely remove hardware'. I have Windows Vista 64bit OS.
Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi adudep,

    I suspect it is much more likely that your camera has developed an issue, rather the Safely Remove Hardware system, but stranger things have happened.

    Do other USB drives (say a flash drive memory stick) connect and disconnect properly using Safe Removal?
  2. Another quick thought. Can you try the camera's connection to the computer with another memory card to see if the problem still occurs, and do you have another computer (or maybe a friends computer) to try the camera out on to see if the issue follows the camera?

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