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8-pin ATX or EPS? (Likely silly question)

Last response: in Components
June 23, 2007 1:25:42 PM

A good deal of high end motherboards (Striker Extreme, AMD FX mobos) have a listing that they require an 8-pin ATX 12V Power Connector.

However, according to my research, only the EPS12V secondary motherboard power connector has 8 pins, the ATX12v versions have 4 with some sort of add-on for 8-pins.

Silverstone does not list an 8-pin ATX connector, but they list an 8-pin EPS connector.

So, are these 8-pin ATX 12V power connectors just a fancy name for 8-pin EPS12V connectors? Or do you need to find a power supply with a 4+4 Pin ATX 12v power connector to run these motherboards?
June 23, 2007 1:59:56 PM

That's kind of what I thought.

It would be strange to see a "high end PSU" be unable to power a high end motherboard...

But it's weird that ASUS wouldn't just call them EPS12v Power Connectors...

(So, just making sure, 8pin EPS12v = 8Pin ATX12v?)
June 23, 2007 2:11:46 PM

The spec for EPS12V states a 24 pin + 8 pin connector, but I've read some boards have only a four pin connector adding to the confusion.

As for getting a 4+4 connector to fit in an 8 pin connector it will only fit if the keying on the 4 pin plugs are correct, also you have to make sure both 4 pin plugs have ground on pins 1-2 and 12v on pins 3-4, and looking at some PSU specs they do, as the 8 pin plug has ground on pins 1-4 and 12v on pins 5-8.

4 pin =
1 3
2 4

8 pin =
1 5
2 6
3 7
4 8

even then you have to make sure there is sufficient amps on them to power the CPU, more so if it's a dual core as my ASUS board needs 16A and 19A peak for the CPU!

I think you're correct in saying the 8 pin ATX 12V is just a fancy name for 8 pin EPS12V as my ASUS board has that 8 pin connector labeled as ATX12V1, so I think they are one and the same.

That silverstone PSU will be OK, that 8 pin connector will fit the 8 pin connector on supported boards!