Windows XP and Graphics Card Dead, I think..?

My old labtop I used to use for gaming has been dead for quite sometime, and just haven't got the time to mess trying to fix it since I got my desktop now thats tons better. Anyways, I need to try and get this thing going back to where it used to be.

This labtop runs on xp (Duh XP fourms :P) But everytime I try to boot the computer up, it loads, goes to the black and white screen and says "start windows as normal" I proceed and it tries to load windows XP but when the loading is down. It goes back to the start windows as normal, and it does this over and over and over again. I'm think the 8600gts card has blown up inside.. But i'm not totally sure.

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  1. You're getting a blue screen and the laptop reboots before you get a chance to read it. Press F8 before the Windows splash screen comes up and select "Disable automatic restart on system error" or something similar. This will allow you to read the blue screen and troubleshoot the problem further. You could also attempt to boot up in safe mode... if you can, then it's a pretty good indication that a driver or some piece of software is causing the problem. If you still can't get into safe mode, then a repair installation of XP is probably in order.
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