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Best cuda video converter

im looking for a video converter that uses cuda's full potential that i can make a list of files to be converted and leave it to it, when badaboom is converting, it uses about 70% of my gpu power from the graph in gpu-z, i converted a 1080p music vid to ipod format with badaboom in 1:30, xilisoft however never uses more than 20% of the gpu, it took 3:38, media show espresso took 3:00 and barely flinched the gpu chart

so i just basically want an app that i can list a bunch of stuff, set the parameters and hit convert and it uses at least 50% of the gpu power

i also tried media coder nt cuda edition, but it only supports from the gt240 and up

my specs are
GT220 1GB

it supports the 9400gt which makes no sense to me
i also tried total video converter to no avail
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  1. Power director 9 have accelerate gpu and core cpu, I convert avi duration 1hour to 1hour dvd + effect just maximum 15minutes.
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    Try MediaCoder

    2hrs M2TS to MKV (H264) within 20min

    Use CUDA function of Media Coder and coupling with NVIDA GeForce GTX 460
    You can convert to 2hrs of M2TS/TS to MKV in less than 20 minute

    This is base on Duo Core 2.2GHz system

    It is the BEST, cuz it is FREE, FAST :-)
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