Which Koolance Block?

Should i get:

CPU-305-V10 Link

CPU-300-V10 Link

or even a whole different one, i was planning on get an Exo-2 cooling system
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  1. I've never used the EXOS sytem but, it looks as if it uses 3/8ID tubing. Without knowing just how powerful the pump is in that particular system you are basically governed by the same rules as in a DIY kit actually - your only limitation is the tubing diameter. If the pump in the EXOS system is relatively weak, though, you'll want to use a waterblock that is known for high-flow characteristics like the Apogee.

    Mind you, I just intend to say that you don't "absolutely" have to use an EXOS waterblock, just be mindful of the diameter of the tubing involved (and the pumps capabilities, of course).
  2. those waterblocks are really restrictive and ineffective. depending on what cpu you're cooling, your choices should be the storm for single cores, apogee gtx or fusion for dual cores.

    you can always buy adapters for your tubing size/waterblock nozzle
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