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If you download Adobe Flash Player 10 on to my partner's computer, then when you visit, say UTube, for example, the screen is taken up with advertisements and then to enable you to see a screen which is normal you must disengage the Adobe Flash Player 10 and you are then left without any Flash Player at all. It was previously Adobe Reader 9 which gave no problems, but we were asked to upgrade. The operating program is Windows 7. What can be done to rectify this?
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  2. Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player are 2 different things!
  3. I run the newest of both adobe apps on windows 7 and they run perfectly!
  4. Thanks both for that. I went on the forum and subsequently discovered that there had been a problem and from reading some instructions given to others I was able to do some jiggery pokery in Tools, Advanced etc, ticking a box etc and rectify matters. It had been terrible, though, causing adverts appearing and flickering all over the screen. It is heartening that people are there to help you in times of desperation and not all out to get you. I think Adobe messed up a bit for some with Adobe 10.3.14 or some such edition number.
  5. Glad you have it worked out!
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