I want to capture video from one PC on a second PC...

I have a friend who I want to provide some basic tutorials for in various software. Programs like FRAPS and such seem to work fine for recording the video, but they have a noticable impact on performance.

I'd like to use a second PC I have, which is currently not being used for anything, to capture the video on the screen from my first PC.

Video capture cards all advertise themselves in relation to their ability to capture television. Is there a card I can purchase that will let me simply run a cable between my existing computer/video card to the new one and thus use the second PC for recording?

I appreciate any help, and as always, cheaper soloutions are better :)
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  1. An alternative would be to use a miniDV camcorder to record your actions on the primary PC.

    You will need a PC or a notebook with an s-video port and a miniDV camcorder with a s-video port which is capable of capturing video. Not all miniDV camcorders have a s-video port that is capable of video in. Some s-video ports on camcorders are video out only.

    Most modern graphics cards include an s-video port along with a VGA and a DVI port, or with two DVI ports. Usually, the s-video out on the graphics card is connected to an external monitor like a TV or flat panel. If you connect it to a miniDV camcorder instead, the miniDV camcorder can capture on a miniDV tape everything that is shown on the primary PC's screen including DVD movies, software in operation, and other actions.

    Then, copy the minDV tape to a PC or make a DVD movie from it.

    Or, if your secondary PC has a video capture card with an s-video port, you can do the same thing without the intervention of the camcorder. Note, not all video capture cards have s-video ports.
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