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SOLD sorry guys!

Working Computer Parts Bundle for sale:
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1------ AMD Duron 1 ghz cpu (Tested and working)
1------ Pentium 3 500 mhz CPU (Tested and working)
1------ Pentium 2 333 mhz cpu (Tested and working)
1------ Pentium 233 mhz socket 7 cPU (works great)
6------ PC100 sdram 128 mb RAM = 768 mb RAM (Tested and working)
1------ Intel chipset Motherboard for pentium III up to 1ghz
1------ via socket 428 Motherboard for pentium 4 up to 2.0 ghz (brand new)
1------ CD/RW 4x cd burner (works great)
4------ IDE cd rom drives 32x +
1------ Ultra 2 wide Scsi CD-rom drive (FAST)
1------ Bundle of various IDE cables and floppy cables.
+ More random working parts (video cards, etc..)

ALL for 250.00 OBO

Buyer Pays flat shipping cost of 15.00

will not sell seperate, package price only.

If inetrested please email

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  1. $155.00

    <b><font color=red>Fredi</font color=red> <font color=red>Fredi</font color=red> He's our man! If he can't do it no one can!</b>
  2. make it 200 and you got a deal.
  3. ok i need to sell this stuff my rents due...

    ill take 155.00

    email me plz

    Orlando, Florida
    Technology consultant and technician.
    cvenuti(@) (remove the "()")
  4. If this is still for sale i'll take it!.


    Orlando, Florida
    Technology consultant and technician.
    cvenuti(@) (remove the "()")
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