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Hi, I've seen some posts regarding Router into Router connections, but still I've a couple of doubts. At home I've a Dlink DIR-655 as main Router, the DIR-655 has a DHCP Internet access and as IP Address. It have 2 PCs, also I've 3 laptops which have Internet/Local access via Wireless (DHCP) [with WPA security]. This is working fine.

From the Dlink DIR-655 there is a network cable to the living room, where I want to put another router (Linksys WRT54GS), to connect a XBox 360 and PS3 (wired), and I want to be able to use the WiFi capabilities of the Linksys. Here's my problem, I don't know how to configure the second Router (Linksys) to have:

Full open access to Internet (Including ports used for gaming) for Xbox 360/PS3 [connected via Cable]
Internet access for other Wireless devices (better if still I can use WAP and MAC Filtering)
The game consoles be able to read Multimedia Files from a server connected directly to DIR-655

My doubts:
a) Should I put the Linksys in Router or Gateway mode and have another LAN Segment (192.168.2.x)?
b) It's possible to double-NAT? I've read of several problems having NAT inside NAT ...
c) If I use Port forwading, specific ports must be assigned to specific IP Address, how can deal if some XBox game uses the same port of PS3 games?
d) Can I use the DMZ and have all machines of LAN B (Connected to Linksys) exposed?

Any help, suggestions and/or comments will be welcome, of course I'll be glad to answer any doubts ...

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  1. You may find these links to the Netgear site helpful as the same general considerations apply to all brands.

    If your equipment supports WDS you may be able to link the two routers by wireless -- otherwise and in most cases you use the first router just as a modem and link in the second by ethernet cable and use its wireless to connect to the client devices (the toys, in you case).
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