Anyone know a diagnostics software for everything?

Anyone know a easy to use and easy to understand diagnostic utility that will check everything? (harddrive health, cppu temperature etc. (It doesnt have cpu temp in the bios)) thanks everyone.
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  1. Did you try these apps yet?
  2. Thanks for that area51, i aint even had a chance, i'll try them today and let you know. Your a star!
  3. Thanks area51! I read another post of yours, downloaded speccy, and ran it. Works great! Nice addition to Belarc Advisor and SiSoft Sandra that I already have.

    I also downloaded Recuva; hope I never have to use it! :)
  4. Excellent glad to hear!
  5. I also use cpu-z and the like's, but i also have SIW it tell you some stuff those dont :bounce:
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