Connection problems to unsecured networks.

Hello there, I was wondering if someone could please give me some advise.

I am running a new dell xps laptop with vista and I am unable to connect to unsecured wifi networks for some reason.

I have tried to fiddle with the firewall and the security settings but it still doesnt work. It is very frustrating as I travel a lot and would like to be able to use the internet in airports etc.

I can connect to secured networks no problem, but the unsecured connect but only with limited connectivity which means you cannot use it.

If anyone could give me some advise it would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers guys n gals.
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  1. If you are new to Vista the changes in terminology may be confusing. It seems unlikely that you are unable to connect to a normal unsecured point when able to access secured.

    If you are talking about 'Cloud' and similar public wireless systems, usually you have to sign in and use their proxy.

    Some such providers (I'm thinking of MacDonalds burger joints in the UK) issue a leaflet or have a staff member assigned to helping users. Personally -- and I have years of experience with wireless networking -- I found the Cloud system confusing on a Win XP laptop but it should be simpler on a Vista system.

    Many hotels use Boingo and I think you may need to download Boingo's software to use them.
  2. Hi there Journeyman! Thank you for your reply.

    Public systems that require you to sign in or secured systems that require password access arre no problem what so ever. However networks that are unsecured and do no require you to sign in like in many public locations and in my house for example I cannot connect to. I don't beleive it is a problem of me not understanding how to connect. The computer notifies you that it is connected to the internet with limited connectivity, which means that I beleive it have found the network but will not allow you to use it.

    I hope that makes a little more sense?

    Many thanks indeed.
  3. I am having the same problem with my laptop no one has an answer to this?
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