Review of Driver Performer by PerformerSoft

Is the Driver Performer download from PerformerSoft a useful or recommended utility to use in windows xp?
Thank You!
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  1. If it's a utility for "speed-up" or "clean-up" I can tell you 99% of them are useless and the last 1% is only useful if you have a specific issue you are working on.
  2. hang, it is a driver update software,which i would never use!Personally i think they are a wast of $$$$$!
  3. My malwarebytes pro blocked part of this site, so i'm not sure how safe the site is!
  4. The site is VERY UNSAFE. I used it and was upset enough that they refunded my money but the large errors remain on my computer. Have books on a program that I cannot get into and they are for income tax 2011. No offer made to attempt to fix it.
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