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I have a sandy i5 OC to 4.2 Ghz (turbo) and ASUS P67 mobo runing Windows 7. My OS is installed on an OCZ SSD. I have played 4+ hours of Crysis on enthusiast settings at 1920 1200 resolution without a single crash or glitch, but somehow Chrome web browser acts very strange.

And it's not just an application fatal error, the whole system wlil lock up. Sometimes when my wife is on facebook it is most likely to happen (the numlock key doesn't work, totally frozen).

My question is, what in the world could chrome be doing (that Crysis isn't doing) that could cause the system instability?

NOTE: Crysis (and all my steam games) are installed on a 1 TB regular hard drive, where windows and chrome are installed on the SSD. I know the browser does a lot of writes to the SSD, so I suspect that. Is there any way to stability test an SSD? Any recommended software? I have visited OCZ's forums and they have been very helpful, but no luck with Chrome.

Also, I have my SSD plugged into my Intel 6 Gbps sata controller.

I have a high level of technical knowledge so please let me know if you need any additional details.
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  1. Update: I think this issue might be related to intel's rapid storage technology RST driver. I will try with the Microsoft driver when I get home (about 5 hours). Meanwhile, any other advice would be appreciated.
  2. Update2: Using the Microsoft drivers the crashing has stopped. I will post again if it happens again.
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