Will everything in this build be compatable?

Hello, I'm going to build my first computer very soon, but I am not very keen on all the technical details of certain products and would like some opinions before I go ahead and purchase this. Currently my build is this.

-GIGABYTE ATI Radeon HD6850 GPU model #(GV-R685OC-1GD) $150
-Asus M5a97 motherboard (M5A97) $100
-AMD FD8120FRGUBOX FX-8120 8 core processor 3.1 GHz $160
-Western Digital WD10EALX 1 TB Hardrive
-Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply.

First off I would like to know if this build would work. Like if it has enough power, if the GPU will function in the motherboard, ect.

Secondly I was considering getting the intel i3 2 core, 3.3 GHz processor for $120 but for 40 more dollars I get 6 more cores at a .2 decrease in GHz. So is it worth it. Also How does AMD compare in quality compared to intel. I mainly want to use the computer to run SC 2 on high settings but be able to play newer games for a year or two. Is it better to get the more cores for the eventual switch for multi core threading?

So any thoughts or inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. you would be recommended to read up on some posts in this section asking about compatabilities. i know i at least have listed in good detail everything you need to check for.

    currenty intel has the lead on technology. they offer the best processors on the high end. amd currently is staying in the low to mid end. look at some cpu charts on toms to see comparisons.

    it seems that most programs still are not multicore friendly. 2 or 4 cores seem to be okay currently. remember that intel uses hyperthreading so a 4 core cpu appears as 8 cores to the system.

    you might want to take this post to the home built section of the forums.
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