eVGA 8800 GTS 320mg overclocking

Hello all,

In the new rig that I am currently building it has come down to raw pricing. I have narrowed the choice of graphic card down to either the eVGA KO ACS3 version of the 8800 gts 320mg, or one of the lesser-clocked versions of that same card. My question is, will I be able to overclock the cheaper card to better, or even above the stock KO ACS3 clock speeds?


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  1. You should be able to under NTune. I've got a 640 version at 630/900 on the oc and it still runs at 60's max with the fan on high.
  2. You can overclock the one that is overclocked. The one you are going to buy the evga ACS3? great choice man.

    I'm thinking of trading it in for my 7950 gx2.

    But still don't know yet......

    I think that the one that is overclocked is the manufactured speed w/ warrenty can't bet that. also evga has great return policy. 60 days

    If your not saticfied trade it in. :D
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