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I have a compaw SR2030nx which is not an extremely fast gaming processor, athlon 64 3.4Ghz. 2 gigs of ram, radeon HD4850. on xp it runs all games new and old at max 1680x1050 with the bells and whistles.

I just bought a new western digital eads green 1.5TB harddrive which unfortunately is not very compatible with xp, you can realign using a software program which I could do. My question is please answer once and for all, obviously xp is best for games, but would I lose a lot of I upgraded to vista or windows 7? I can only read so many forums about which is better xp or vista or 7. I know xp is the best but how much performance would I actually lose. If it is just a little and I can still run my games at max then no worries.

please help me decide as this new hard drive runs better in vista or windows 7.
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  1. My 7 runs games better than vista,at a higher res and fps
  2. Performance wise, windows 7 is just as good, if not better than XP. Most benchmarks show mixed reviews. Simply switching OS's isn't going to change your performance much. If you go with windows 7, just make sure you get the 64 bit version.
  3. Future proof your PC with Vista.
  4. Vista isn't the future. It's the current, and becoming the past.
  5. aford10, you're correct on that one, but Vista seems to have more of a future than XP. What I should of said is most newer games will be running on DirectX10 and soon 11. Two/three years down the line one will not be able to play the newer games on the old XP system having DirectX9c. Sorry for the wording...cheers
  6. xp is half in the microsoft grave!
  7. Vista or Windows 7... it's time to let go of XP.
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