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I apologize in advance if this problem has already been addressed.

I've been having a strange occurrance happen during gameplay, where a section of a character stretches away from the model to a fixed point in the distance, like they're attached to some 3d rubber cord. It has happened in quite a few of my games, including Oblivion and Halo, and across several versions of the drivers.

My rig is as follows:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400+ (2.2 ghz)
ASUS A8N32 Deluxe SLi
e-VGA GeForce 7900 GT 256 meg
320 gig WD Hard Drive

Thanks for your time.
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  1. if you mean you get like a spike from your character or other object out to no where(just off it the distance or up to the sky or anywhere) then chances are your video ram is going bad.

    You can try to down clock your video ram(ntune) or run atitool(works with nvidia cards too) to see if it finds artifacts.

    RMA time if its in warentee.
  2. Great. And it's only a year old. Crikey. Thanks for your advice.

  3. Don't forget to back off a driver or 2 just to be sure.

    Also while not likely its also possible that the card is getting a lack of if you have time borrow a psu from someone....
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