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I have a Windows XP Home edition

I accidentaly deleted a guest account a few days back. I used system restore them to get it back then.

Today, my computer had turned itself off and when I log on, the guest account is missing.
The folder and all files of the guest account are still present in C:\Documents and settings, but I can't seem to get the prompt for my user account. The user account does not appear in the User Accounts on Control Panel.

The funny thing is that when I try to set up a new user account by that same name, it tells me that the account already exists.

I tried system restore both in the safe mode and in the adminstrator mode, it does not help

Please Help
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  1. No help with 'control userpasswords2'. The account does not appear in the users!

    I get a prompt "The user account cannot be created because the user already has permission to use this computer"
  2. If I use this:
    Start > right click on My Computer > in System Properties go to Advanced tab > User Profiles

    My user account is still there.

    But it does not appear in the Control Panel > User Accounts.

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