Help setting up ICS (internet connection sharing)

I have searched up and down the internet, but I can't quite figure this out. I'm trying to do this LINK
but after I set up ICS on my wireless adapter, and plugged my wireless router into my laptop, I still have problems, I cant connect through the router plugged into my laptop (from another computer). I dont think my settings are quite right. Does any one know anything about this or has anyone done this before? (or can point me to a source that explains it, what ip address, gateway, dns, etc to use on the lan connection and laptop wifi router)
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  1. Above link isn't working
  2. works for me. heres what I am trying to do.

    wifi router1 ---- [lan]Laptop[wifi card] ) ) ) ) wifi router2

    I am setting up ICS on the wifi card on my laptop, and then plugging in another wifi router into the lan port of my laptop. the problem is I dont think wifi router1 is getting the right IP address, gateway, dns, etc, ... from the lan port of my laptop.
  3. Why???

  4. because I can, duh.
  5. Seems like it would be easier to avoid your laptop in the middle and just use your 2nd wireless router as an access point to extend the range of your wireless network. Do what you want, but that's my humble opinion.
  6. And you can beat your head with a baseball bat until it bleeds. What are trying to accomplish?

  7. I want to be able to set up a hotspot wherever I go. I dont necessarily have to get my internet connection from a wifi router, I could get it from an evdo card, dial up connection, etc. All I ask is for a little help, please.
  8. It would be easier to beat your head with a baseball bat.

  9. I take it as you dont know how to do it then.
  10. No, I don't have enough time to first figure out how to make it work and second, explain it to you so you can make it work. Sorry, but paying customers come first!

  11. (i now know why you go by grumpy) Hey, dont worry about it. I moved my discussion to another place, maybe there I can get real help, instead of people contributing useless crap to threads that get nowhere.
  12. Maybe if posters didn't ask useless questions, they wouldn't get useless crap.
  13. how is this a useless question? the only useless crap here is your 5 posts here on this thread wasting time telling me how stupid this is. I suggest you just drop it or feel free to pm me if you have any problems. I contacted the person who manged to do this and they personally took their time to help me out.
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