Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable issue

So I'll try to make this short, I installed Crysis, it installed MVC++ 2005 Redistributables (x86 & x64 both I think). The x64 one leaves the "msdia80.dll" file in my root D:\ drive instead of it's proper location.

I've had this before and I've done the fix from google before (move it to it's proper location on C:\drive and run the register command whatever), but this time, I already have a "msdia80.dll" in the proper location, and both these "msdia80.dll" files on C:\ and D:\ have the exact same version number and file size.

Is it safe for me to delete the one in my D:\ root, since there's an identical one already in the proper location on C:\?
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  1. Yes, that should work, but first just move the one from the D:\root until you test Crysis.
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