How do I get GRAW working?(Ghost Recon: Advenced Warfighter)

This program has been a huge fail since I bought it about 3 weeks ago.
The first thing that showed up was an incompatability with DEP, I turned it on for all programs just to be safe and had to disable it for this game for it to work, I grappled with other problems but finally got it to play decently for a while, anyway right after I finished mission 6 I try to continue to mission 7 but I get turned to mission 2 which I already finished. I've already looked around the web but can't find an answer. I was looking at this site whose forum found a solution for Windows 7 but not applicable to my Vista. Please help I really want to finish this game! :cry:
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  1. If it fixes a Windows 7 problem it will most definately fix the problem on Windows Vista. Unless you have already tried it.
  2. Did, the reason I'm asking here is because I've already searched the internet for a solution and it isn't working for me, not even the 7 fix, also because I don't want to create a Ubisoft account just for tech support in which they'll tell me reinstall the game and I'll have to get back to them in 2 weeks in order to reach level 7 again.
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