How to separate sounds between speakers/headset w/ RT HD Audio Mngr?

Okay, so I want to be able to have sounds from all programs come through my speakers except two. I use Ventrilo and Teamspeak while playing computer games, but I like listening to music at the same time. I want to make the sound from the Ventrilo and Teamspeak programs come through my headset while everyone else goes through my speakers.

How would I go about doing that with Realtek HD Audio Manager? Or if anyone knows another way, I will try that too. Thanks.
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  1. There might be a way to do it via software. But a much more elegant solution is to buy an external sound card expansion. You can pick up a cheap £10/$10 for a normal PCI slot and make Teamspeak and Ventrilo to use those outputs with your headset plugged into the sound card and your speakers plugged into the onboard chip.
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