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New alert from ZA

I assume it's due to an update of Windows or some type of app, but I suddenly started getting "Hosted agent service is trying to access the trusted zone" alerts from ZoneAlarm. I've clicked Deny and nothing seems to happen, but it pops up again soon thereafter and is annoying. No info on Google that I could find. Anyone else get these and is it OK to "allow"?
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    Do you have any trend micro products installed?
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Do you have any trend micro products installed?

    Yes, there is a Trend Micro security suite pre-installed. Once I spotted their name in the Programs List I checked Always Allow and everything is ok.

    Turns out the Trend Micro security suite has a built-in firewall, so I'll uninstall ZA since I shouldn't need it. Don't need any conflicts or other stuff running all the time.
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  4. Cool that is what i was going to tell you to do!

    Great Job!
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