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Hi all.

I have the Hauppauge Colossus television tuner card (mini PCI-e slot). It comes with the software "Win TV 7" to view programs, and the program "Arcsoft Showbiz" to edit.

I have an HD receiver from DirecTV that I connect to the Colossus via component cables.

One of the main things I want to edit is television shows I capture with my Hauppauge Colossus TV tuner card.

For example:

Say I record a segment from Saturday Night Live, like when the musical guest is on. So say I want to trim a little before the musical guest starts their song, and then trim a little at the end. What's a decent software program that could do this?

And something to keep in mind: This Colossus card is somewhat high-end, and it records in HD (1080). When I hover my mouse pointer over a video file I've recorded using the Colossus, the pop-up info message says: "MPEG-2 TS Video". So, the software has to be able to handle this type of video file.

When I tried using the Showbiz software that came bundled with the Colossus to edit a piece of video, it "saves" the file as a "TS" file; it does not save it as the original MPEG-2 file that it is. And, when it does save it as this "TS" file, it reduces it in size. As an example: A video that was over 400 megabytes got reduced to just a little over 100 kilobytes. All I did was shave a few seconds off of the end of a four minute video.

Maybe this is because this software was bundled with the product and I don't get the have the "full effect".

So.....any suggestions on some video editing software that can handle what I want to do?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. The TS file is just a data file that references the original file and your edits to it. You must still export a new video file.
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