Network suddenly broken.. sort of

My laptop has been connecting to the internet via the wireless router we have in our apartment for months now with no problems, and occasionally comes with me to my parents' house and connects on another wireless network, again with no problems.

All of a sudden I come back to my apartment and it's giving me issues. It connects to the router, and AOL Instant Messenger works, but websites can't be accessed and it wont see other machines on the network, nor will they see it. When trying to access web pages I instantly get an "Unable to connect" page.

The only thing that's changed in recent time is that I went into msconfig and disabled most every process starting up when Windows XP boots. I've gone through the list and don't see anything that seems like it could affect internet connectivity in any way, but the problem did start occurring after I did this. I just tried re-enabling them all and it still doesn't work, however, so I guess that wasn't the problem.

None of the network, gateway or browser settings have changed, the Windows firewall is, as usual, off, and I'm basically stumped. I tried running the Network Setup Wizard again, which did nothing. I've tried just running it to the router with a cat-5, still didn't work. Any ideas as to what might be the cause?

EDIT: I should add that I haven't run a virus scan on it, as I'd need to stop being lazy and renew my subscription or find a free scanner, but other than this the system is acting normally.
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  1. You could reset the router to the factory default, should be a button on the back may be reset, the set up the network with the laptop off, and once set up, turn on the laptop and run the wireless connection wizard but be sure to have the default log in and password for the router. If you don't have the manual, should be on the mfg website. Could be some settings got messed up when to disabled all the start up items that would include network stuff
  2. Hm, well before I did that, I tried plugging the laptop directly into the cable modem, and nothing changed, so it seems to be an issue with the laptop itself, or the modem. The funny thing is that when I try to ping the laptop from another computer, or even from the laptop itself, it times out... but if I try pinging another computer from the laptop, it works. I'll go see if there's a reset button on the modem... though I suppose I'd have to set it up to connect to Time Warner again.
  3. If you reset it, set up everything including the modem. If it's cable, really just plug it in although I'd recycle it before doing it, just unplug the power from modem for a minute or so.
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